Bridal Skin Prep

Ok as a preface I will be giving tough love!!!! I have gotta be real with you queens bc I want your skin to be optimal for your big day or even if ur a bridesmaid!! I see so many clients every weekend that have good skin but there’s so much texture!!! Exfoliating literally makes the biggest difference!! And you don’t have to spend $40+ on a good one, literally there’s an e eryday exfoliating cleanser by cetaphil at target for $15 I believe? And the bottle is huge! Your makeup will not look optimal with texture, being honest!! ESP if you have dry skin and texture… a bad combo! Also if you’re not moisturizing ur skin bc u think u have “oily” skin!! NO MAAM!!!! Even oily skin needs some moisture. Idk im just begging if you implement one thing it’s to exfoliate and follow up for a moisturizer geared for your skin type.

Ok now that I got that out the way!!! I’m going to list out some facials I recommend that make a huge difference in my brides skin on their big day!
-Hydrafacial/Dermaplane combo.. this is golden! So good for you skin!!! The Dermaplane gets all of the peach fuzz and texture off your skin and the hydra facial just pumps moisture and glow into your skin that lasts like a week or 2!! I can always tell when my clients get these/get them leading up to the big day! Pro tip tho!! Do not get them the day before your wedding or even 2 days before your wedding! Bc ur skin will be so smooth, actually too smooth to the point that there’s no texture on your skin and makeup will not stick to it. It will just slide off lol so!! Just make sure to do it 3-4 days before the big day!
-BBL.. this is great for lightening dark spots, helping fine lines and wrinkles, and overall tightening and brightening your complexion!! This is something that needs to be done in a sequence.. usually 2-3 treatments are needed and they have to be done 4-6 weeks a part from each other so keep that in mind. Also there’s about a 2 week time period that it’ll take for your skin to completely heal after. So keep all of that in mind!! I have personally done a BBL/Moxi combo and my skin never looked better. But then spring time came and I would go on daily walks in the sun for an hour with no hat or sunglasses FML so I self sabotaged.. hate to see it!!! Last thing if you get one or more of these- make sure you aren’t planning on going in the sun, GTFO of the sun, put your sunscreen on, and protect that fresh beautiful skin after it heals!!
-Botox? This isn’t necessary- but if you have forehead wrinkles or other fine lines that bother you and you know that you want smooth tight skin on the day of your wedding.. I would suggest getting some tox!! At least 2 weeks before your wedding that way if anything needs adjusting you have time to fix it. I’d say the sweet spot is like a month out? For me personally at least!

Brides on a budget!! I know not everyone has hundreds and thousands of dollars to spend on getting facials from a profesh! So here’s a list of my favorite at home products to help you lighten dark spots, even your complexion, and smooth! (Obvi you won’t get the drastic results from the professional services but this will certainly make a noticeable difference!!)
-Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel.. I use the extra strength and it doesn’t bother my skin! These are AMAZING!!! Just go read the reviews on sephora if you need any convincing hehe. They have a gentle formula and also a regular. I just prefer the extra strength! But you do what is best for your skin
-TSC facial razor.. great for an at home Dermaplane! I’ll use it with an oil based cleanser to make it super slippery and to where I’m not tugging on my skin. They have a shave cream for your skin that I’m sure is amazing I just haven’t tried it yet so I can’t say from my experience. I love to shave after I get out of the shower and then follow up with an alpha beta peel!
-Dermalogica exfoliating polish- great for a gentle every day exfoliator!! Customizable bc you add water to make the paste as thick or runny as you want. I keep this in my kit and if a client sits down with a lot fo texture I will get him or her to go wash their face with this wash and follow up with skin prep. It doesn’t irritate the skin but does a solid job at getting the texture off!!

I am not talking about a breakout either.. I totally get those come and I can easily cover that for u!! I’m talking skin texture, hydration etc.

I would suggest Dermaplaning the day at home or 2 before your rehearsal dinner!

Wake up! Wash your face, ice roll or de puff if that’s what ur heart desires.. then apply a hydrating or brightening skin mask as well as de puffing eye patches (see my Fave Mask post to see which ones I rec) then after that soaks in, follow up with your usual skincare just NO SPF!!! You don’t want flashback in ur pics!!! Also make sure you’re exfoliating your lips and hydrating them as well!! Can’t forget ur lippies and can’t be walking around with crusty lips!!!

Okay I feel like that covers the list of what I go over with my clients! If I think of anything else I’ll add it!!

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